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How to Stack

Buy STACK from an exchange, stake it, and start earning yield immediately. Follow the steps below!

1. Install MetaMask
2. Buy BNB
3. Trade BNB for STACK
4. Stake your STACK

Why Stack?

The future of compounding wealth. For everyone.

Stack's goal is to encourage saving and earning. Passive income is not reserved for the rich. Yield out there, and you deserve to be collecting it.


High Yield

Stack's network of staked liquidity makes it possible for decentralized financial services--such as lending and borrowing with smart contracts. STACK tokens have a fixed 1M supply to ensure value cannot be lost due to supply inflation.

Easy to Use

Seamless, beautiful, approachable. Stack reduces the friction of DeFi for the average customer and gets them on their way to financial freedom.

Open Source

100% transparency, decentralized and open source. Check out our GitHub! Stack is a network for the people striving towards financial independence.


Stack has big plans for the future but it will take all of us to build it.

Phase I

Launch STACK. Build up the community, start staking tokens and earning yield. Implement borrowing and lending smart contracts.

Phase II

Roll out the Stack Dapp to make DeFi easy and seamless for everyone. Remove the friction currently experienced in the DeFi space. Reduce fees and maintain yield. Continue growing total value locked.

Phase III

Launch Stackcard. Transform the way we save, spend, and earn. Release more robust decentralized financial systems to empower the individual to own their sovereignty.

Step-by-Step Guide

Follow the steps below to get set up quickly


1. Install MetaMask

Click here!

MetaMask is an easy to install digital wallet that works as an extension on Chrome.

2. Buy BNB

BNB is the token on the Binance (BSC) blockchain, you need to purchase through an exchange, or right on MetaMask through Wyre, which is an easy way to go from fiat to crypto.

3. Exchange BNB for STACK

Visit, connect your MetaMask wallet, and trade your BNB for STACK. Keep a little BNB in your wallet to cover the gas fees. The gas fees are what will be providing YOU with yield, so they are necessary to the ecosystem.

4. Stake your STACK

To stake your Stack, visit , connect your MetaMask wallet, stake STACK and start earning yield immediately!


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